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From: K Andrews
Subject: Exploring My Father, Part 5Exploring My Father, copyright 2002 kastorywriter
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IM me at AOL screen name kastorywriterIf you're under 18 or are offended by sexual content, stop reading right
now. All the other usual disclaimers apply.Exploring My Father, Part 5My father acted strangely that morning after I'd made him cum, like he was
embarrassed ls nude model to little model sweet
ejaculate while I was in the bed with him, even though as far
as he knew I didn't notice a thing. I wish I could have told him how amazing
it was to give him such pleasure, to be the only one other than mom to give
him an orgasm. I felt I was part of a special club that had only two
members.Over the next few months, I wasn't able to get another chance with dad, but
I did spend time practicing on my friend's brother, Brad. While Brad's young
teen cock wasn't anything like my dad's man-sized dick, I got to experiment
a little and hone my masturbation techniques. I didn't have any experience
jerking off and cumming, so I lola nude model had to rely on Brad to tell me what felt good
and what would get him to shoot. I learned to work him with my whole hand,
to use my thumb to concentrate pressure along what he called "the nerve
bundle," and to learn to judge when orgasm was imminent and to not stop
rubbing and jerking once the spurting had started. I learned to read Brad's
body pretty good: when he was close he'd start breathing hard and
instinctively thrust his hips forward and back. I learned that when he was
just about to cum his nuts would be pulled up really tight and his lingerie model professional shaft
would swell and get hard like steel. After I'd make him cum, we'd work on my
dry orgasms, but I just wasn't having any luck. Brad said it'd be a few
years yet, but I didn't want to wait that long.About 6 months after the first time, I got to play with dad's cock again
while he was asleep. I used my practice on Brad to really pleasure my dad
and get him rock hard. Since the first time, I had learned to pay attention
and see what my dad liked and what he didn't respond to. I concentrated on
doing exactly what gave him most pleasure, and from the way his cock head
kept pulsing and releasing drops of precum (I'd finally found out what that
was), and from the gentle moans he was making into his pillow, I could tell
he was really enjoying it.Before long his piss slit opened wide and it gushed thick streams of cum. I
kept rubbing his nerve bundle through the entire orgasm, and dad moaned
louder this time than he had before. The force of the spurts seemed stronger
too, and I knew from my time with Brad that that meant the orgasm was really
strong and really great. This time I was lucky to get a little of his cum on
my hand, and I turned around when he was done with this orgasm, and started
to play with the cum on my hand. That familiar smell was there, and like
Brad's, it was slimy and slightly warm. It was thicker than Brad's, with
more white goo than Brad's ever had. I rubbed it between my fingers and
instinctively put it on my lips. I was actually tasting my dad's sperm,
tasting the stuff that made me and made him a dad. I was in heaven! I closed
my eyes and savored my father's flavor, and waited quietly for him to wake
up and find the load on his sheets.I got a couple strange looks when my dad got up that morning, and a few more
looks that next two times it happened. He looked at me like he had some idea
I was involved, but I could tell he just couldn't believe that his son had
anything to do with those loads, so he dismissed whatever crazy ideas he
thought he jutka teen model was having.Over the next several months it seemed like he'd make a point of being awake
whenever I was in bed with him. That and my mother's changing schedule made
it impossible to get my hands on his dick again. But after a while he became
relaxed around me again, and after my 8th birthday things were back to
normal. I'd jump into bed with him on Saturday or Sunday morning if my mom
was gone, and we'd watch TV or just lie there and talk. But although he was
more relaxed around me, he was usually awake when I went in to his
room---well, except for that one morning.That morning I climbed into bed with dad around 7 a.m. Mom had been gone
about half an hour, and because they'd been out the night before, I figured
dad would still be sound asleep. I was able to maneuver myself into position
under the covers, and because he was naked, I had complete access to his
cock and balls. I started my usual routine of rubbing under the head and
making circles on the nerve bundle when I heard him say, "I knew it was
you!"I'd been busted! He pulled back the sheet and caught me red-handed: I had
his cock in one hand and the thumb of my other hand was frozen in the notch
of his cockhead. I almost pissed the bed I was so scared, and I could barely
hear what he was saying above the sound of my heart pounding in my ears. I
started crying when he asked me what I was doing. He took me in his arms and
held be against his broad hairy chest while I sobbed and told him how much I
loved him and wanted to touch him and be with him in that special way like
mom. He held me close while I cried and we talked about what I'd been doing
and why, and after a good hour of crying and talking, he kissed my forehead
and told me he loved me too but he thought I was confused. Then he told me
to get out of bed and go back to my room.I just looked at him. I saw confusion and disappointment in his eyes, and
that just killed me inside. I was speechless, so I just turned and walked to
my room and spent most of the morning crying into my pillow.Weeks passed after that incident, and I my father and I spoke very little.
He wouldn't look me in the eye and barely spoke to me other than to ask me
to do my chores or get ready for bed. I retreated into myself and avoided
him whenever I could. I was embarrassed that he'd found out what I'd been
doing and that I told him super models teen
how I felt, and I felt so rejected because he
hadn't felt the same way jutka teen model about me. From time to time I would look at him and
find him watching me, lost in thought, young model sites
gazing at me like he was trying to
read something inside my heart. I stopped camping in out in his bed and
really only saw him at the dinner table.Then one Saturday morning after my mom left for sandra model com
work, I lay on the sofa
downstairs watching cartoons when my dad came downstairs, turned off the TV,
and sat next to me. He looked me in the eye and told me how much he loved
me, and proceeded to explain how he was so shocked by what I'd told him and
by finding out I'd been masturbating him while he slept. Tears welled up in
his eyes when he told me how sorry he was that he'd hurt me that morning and
that he never meant to break my heart like he had. He said he'd given the
situation a lot of thought. He so wanted our relationship to return to the
way it had been, and he wanted us to be as close as ever. He wanted us to be
very close, in fact, in the same way I wanted to be close, because he said
it was so obvious that it meant so much to me.I was barely listening. I felt like I was watching his lips move but I
wasn't hearing any sound. He stood up and took my hand and let me up to his
bedroom. He pulled down his boxers, took of the t-shirt he was wearing, and
sat back in bed against the headboard. He smiled at me and patted the vrey young model bed
next to him, indicating that he wanted me to sit down. He bent his knees up,
spread his legs wide, and told me, "If you want to be with me in that
special way, then I want that too. And I want to be chils supewrmodels awake when it happens."
He pointed down toward his crotch sexy collant models
and said, "So here you are. Go ahead."I was christina model bath too afraid to do anything at first, but he told me again to go ahead
and touch him all I wanted. He even took one of my hands and put it on his
hairy thigh. I thought I might be dreaming, but I didn't want to pass up the
opportunity, so I crawled between his legs and sat there on my knees. His
cock was soft and pink and beautiful, and his nutsac was full and hanging
down on the bed, begging to be held and caressed. I just sat there and took
in the beautiful sight of my father vulnerable, exposing himself to me,
giving me permission to love him in a new way that neither sexy collant models of us had ever
imagined would come to pass.So I started. He watched me as I reached forward and took his soft dick in
my hand and held it teens angel model and felt its weight and fullness. I pulled on it a
little bit, and with my other hand, hefted his balls and rolled them around
in their sack. He closed his eyes and I could feel his cock pulse and start
to lengthen, and I continued to pull on it softly. He opened his eyes and
watched me openly explore his sexual organs, and when I looked up denmark model kids
his eyes
met mine as I continued to pleasure him.Before long his cock stiffened to its full length and flopped up against his
hairy belly. I moved forward and ran my fingers through the soft fur on his
pecs and let my fingertips graze his meaty nipples. When I did that he took
in a sharp breath, and I could see his cock pulse against his belly. I took
my time weaving his body hair between my small fingers and running a single
finger up and down in the thick trail of fur that stretched from his pecs to
his bush. When I got to his bush I clutched the coarse hair and softly
pulled and twisted it, sexy collant models longing for the day when I'd have such a thick mat of
fur above my cock.I sat back and took in the sight of my father's erection and his thick nuts
in his teen bmodel sac, lingerie model professional
which had drawn up as expected once I had begun to pleasure him.
I could clearly make out that thick line of flesh that ran down the center
of his ballsac, and when I reached forward to scrape a fingernail along the
jagged line of ls nude model flesh that ran from underneath his ballsac to his exposed
hole below, he drew in another sharp breath as his nuts reflexively drew up
tighter toward his body and his cockhead pulsed and released a thick drop of
precum.I leaned forward and took the fragile drop of fluid and rubbed into his now
dark red cockhead. I let go of his cock and let it flop up against his abs.
His cockhead was fully flared, the bottom of his model teen legal glans bulbous and shiny,
now fully engorged with blood in response to my stimulation. I was ecstatic
that I was giving my father the pleasure he was so clearly enjoying, and I
couldn't think of any place I'd rather be at that moment.I took his rigid shaft in my small hand and began to slowly jack up and
down. He liked this and closed his eyes and put his head back. I continued
to jack models pree childs him slowly, and after a minute or so his cock slit open and let out
a small stream of precum. It was obvious he was enjoying this as much as I
was, and as I continued to jack the precum ran down his shaft and provided
some nice lubrication for my hand. Now that his cock was slick I increased
the length of my stroke so that on the upstroke my hand caught the underside
of his glans, and I could see from the reflexive spasm of his nutsac and the
soft moan he let slip from his lips that he was really enjoying it.As more precum dribbled from his widened cock slit, my strokes became longer
but slower. He opened his eyes a few times child imgboard model to watch me and to look into my
eyes, but after a minute or so he stopped watching and drifted into a
private world. I soon recognized the signs of his imminent orgasm, so I
concentrated on the upper shaft and the lower portion of his swollen glans
as he reached the point of no return. His body tensed, and he opened his
eyes and looked deep into mine as he began to ejaculate. His piss slit
opened as his cockhead convulsed and let loose a thick stream of cum. With
each contraction of his shaft he grunted quietly. I alternated between
looking him in the eye to see the emotional impact of the orgasm I'd
provided him and looking at his dick to seeing the physical manifestation of
his pleasure. Each spurt of cum landed on my hands and it felt very warm and
wet.When he was done, his body relaxed and his breathing began to return to
normal. My hands were covered with thick ribbons and gobs of his semen. I
sat forward and leaned against his chest, and I could still hear his heart
pounding in his chest. He put his bear-like hand on my head and held me
close, and I knew right then and there that this was just the beginning.[I'd love to hear your feedback on the story or exchange emails about our
experiences. Feel free to email me at or aol
instant messenger screen name kastorywriter.]
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